Lessons from Fallen Civilizations


 Order Your Copy Now book trailer for lessons from fallen civilizations must seeSeven out of ten people say America is in Decline! Why? Because they can clearly see the government is out of control:

  • Imposing huge tax burdens on those who produce wealth
  • Taking away our freedoms while supplying no real leadership
  • Causing US companies to ship jobs overseas, leaving more and more of us out of work.
  • Americans instinctively know that this slow motion suicide makes us vulnerable to a catastrophic attack.

Discover the 10 factors that have repeatedly brought down great civilizations and which threaten us now! Find out how we can halt our decline if we resolve to learn from history, understand our mortal enemies and commit to defeating them. Read what other’s have to say about this book. You can see samples of the Immutable Laws on my blog.


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