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Free Molly Norris Foundation

Molly Norris, CartoonistIn 2010, a Seattle-based cartoonist, Molly Norris, offhandedly suggested to her Facebook followers that they participate in a “Draw Mohammad Day.” Based on her initiative which went viral over the web, a fatwa was issued against her. She received so many death threats, the FBI recommended that she “go ghost.” She was forced to leave her job, her family, her friends, simply because the FBI couldn’t or wouldn’t protect her inside the US borders. Karen Lugo of Chapman University made brilliantly clear its significance:

“Norris is the first casualty in the campaign to Islamify America. And we let them take her down without a whimper.”

We believe that the Molly Norris story is as big as it gets because it conclusively shows that not only the freedom of the press but all freedom of speech is under siege by Muslims living inside America.

Free Molly Norris Foundation – Mission Statement

Because we know that most Americans would be outraged if they knew what had happened to Molly Norris and because her plight has been kept quiet by a capitulationist mainstream media, we resolve that our foundation will dedicate itself to forcing the press to not only report the import of Molly’s plight but publicize any and all American men and women who seek asylum from Islam and or fear for their lives.

Through our book sales and media appearances, we intend to set aside funds to come to the aid of American journalists and American Muslims whose livelihoods and lives are threatened by Muslim supremacists. We will work with groups headed by Nonie Darwish, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, and others to publicize and financially support those American Muslims who wish to leave their faith. We are dedicated to preventing both the intimidation of the media by Islamic assassins as well halting honor killings on American soil.

Initially, we will raise money in Molly Norris’s name and will, continue to search for a conduit to the Norris family. We provide the Norris family with funds as well as promote media coverage of current or potential victims of Muslim aggression. Our goal is to enlist support from American citizens and institutions so as to prevent the murder of Islamic apostates while also preventing the ultimate loss of free speech rights inside our own borders.

Free Molly Norris Foundation

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