Can Voter Fraud Lead to the Fall of the United States?

A lawsuit and complaint was recently filed against Veritas, James O’Keefe’s underground investigative organization. The complaint was filed by the Public Interest Legal Foundation, a nonprofit “dedicated to protect the right to vote, preserve the constitutional framework of American elections, and educate the public on the issue of election integrity.” It originated due to a Veritas operation which, prior to the 2016 presidential election, sent undercover reporters who wore wires and hidden cameras to meet with senior Democrat officials involved in the get-out-the-vote campaign for Hillary Clinton.

Bob Creamer

One of the people caught in the highly successful “sting” was Bob Creamer, the Founder of the Public Interest Legal Foundation and the husband of Illinois Congresswoman, Jan Schakowsky. He’s on camera offering up an absurdly evasive description of the sort of service his organization provides. “…this is a kind of group practice of a variety of consultants that do essentially a wide variety of different kinds of consulting.”

The employees at the Public Interest Legal Foundation do nothing of the sort.

  1. They raise money from Democrat donors so that on election day they can hire fleets of buses, send them into minority neighborhoods, bus them to the polls and pay them to vote Democrat, regardless of whether they are registered to vote or are in the country legally.
  2. They raise money and lobby hard to prevent the passage of voter ID laws.
  3. They also allocate funds to bus thugs to Trump rallies in order to start violence, knowing that the mainstream media will get it exactly wrong in its reporting of those who were the instigators.
  4. Numerous other pernicious activities aimed at voter repression and voter fraud through the hiring of criminal intermediaries such Scott Foval’s Americans United for Change.

But, as Foval exposes on tape in another Veritas sting, all of the above is done with explicit approval of those in the leadership of the Democrat National Committee.


Alan Shulkin

A Veritas undercover reporter was even able to get Alan Schulkin, a Commissioner of the Board of Elections for New York City, an avowed staunch Democrat, to say that he was fully aware that the Democrats “bus people around from minority neighborhoods,” paying them to vote multiple times, while using false ID’s. He even admits that, as one who believes in the integrity of the vote, it is un-American for the Democrats to oppose voter ID laws. “You gotta show an ID to get into this building,” he says, and follows up with his I-was-just-following-orders excuse, “But, hey, I don’t make the laws.”

In response, O’Keefe has said publicly, “We will be deploying a new batch of freshly trained journalists next week to shine additional light on the cockroaches of the corrupt D.C. establishment. We will not be intimidated. We will not be silenced. We will find out who is funding this lawsuit. We will never stop exposing the truth. We will not back down.”

A lawyer for Project Veritas, Benjamin Barr, said that the First Amendment “protects the rights of undercover journalists to expose exactly the sort of corruption captured in these videos.”

It occurs to me that the Democrats may well rue the day this law suit was filed because, if it does go to trial, the ongoing discovery could make O’Keefe a new national hero and further expose the DNC for its utter corruption, despite the mainstream media’s best attempts to avoid covering the proceedings. It could prove high courtroom drama, unavoidable, even for them.


An Immutable Law Governing the Fall of Civilizations

In my books, Lessons from Fallen Civilizations, Vol. I & II, I have developed 11 laws which I refer to as my “Immutable Laws.” They are those that lead to the fall of great civilizations and are causations that can be seen to repeat over time.

Immutable Law #1
No Nation has ever survived once it citizenry ceased to believe its culture worth saving.

In Professor Hanson’s essay, War Will Be War, which became the genesis for my books, Hanson reminds us that Athens and a few city-state allies beat back an invasion of hundreds of thousands of Persians, but a little over a century later could not repulse a few thousand Macedonians. In losing, the Greeks became a subject people for the next 2,400 years. Why? Because the horrible thirty-year Greek civil war, what we refer to as the Peloponnesian War, which had taken so many young men’s lives, had destroyed the Greeks’ will fight for their magnificent culture.

Similarly, our confidence and trust in our system of governance is essential to its survival. If we allow our election process to be subverted to the point where we see our elections as a sham, can we really expect to retain our constitutional republic?

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