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Larry Kelley is available for interviews and blogging regarding the subject of Lessons from Fallen Civilizations, how our creeping collectivization threatens Western Civilization, and other political views.

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    Lessons from Fallen Civilizations

    Follow Larry Kelley’s journey through history to discover how the United States can prevail in the war with resurgent militant Islam and its allies, Iran, North Korea, Russia and China, the “New Axis of Evil.”

    Lessons from Fallen Civilizations Volume One by Larry Kelley

    Volume One: Can a Bankrupt America Survive the Current Islamic Threat?

    Volume One goes deep into history to examine the fall of great civilizations like Greece, Carthage and Rome. Through this, Larry Kelley outlines 10 factors, or Immutable Laws, that have repeatedly led to the destruction of these civilizations. Learn how they relate to the modern Islamic threat.

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    Lessons from Fallen Civilizations Volume Two by Larry Kelley

    Volume Two: The Way Forward

    Volume Two dives into modern day losses the West has suffered at the hands of resurgent militant Islam, the consequent dangers America faces due to the failures of the Obama presidency, and what future American presidents and the US allies must do about it. Larry Kelley offers an additional Immutable Law and a 12-step plan to beat resurgent militant Islam and create a safe future. Yes, it’s possible!

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