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On a July afternoon in 1800, when I was 18 and my brother, Robbie, was 15, we sailed our family’s one-masted skiff into the greater Boston Channel. I had finished my first term at Harvard. The sky was clear and the salty breeze was wet, warm, and brisk. As we entered the main harbor, we solemnly gazed up at Bunker Hill where Warren Jones, our grandfather we never knew, was killed in the second battle of our war for independence. 

It had only been nine months since George Washington died. There was still a somberness that affected commoners in the local taverns and privileged wealthy Americans in their salons. The country still mourned his loss.

We rounded the point and saw vessels anchored in the harbor, a huge two-masted Brig from Spain, a full-rigged frigate from France, a number of American merchant schooners, and even an Ottoman galley. Boston had become a major international port and merchant center. The sight of these new foreign vessels now seemed normal.  Although we had not lived through the war, my brother and I understood who we were, the sons of an American revolutionary and his grateful beneficiaries. The site of so many foreign ships appearing in our harbor signaled to us that a new century and a new world had opened unlimited opportunities for us. With enormous pride, we basked in the knowledge that we were first-generation inheritors of the world’s newest constitutional republic.

Lessons From Fallen Civilizations, Vol.1

Why Great Societies Fail

Larry Kelley portrays in dramatic detail the fall of five great civilizations. Each example describes how these once-great societies lost their freedom and fell prey to Kelley’s “immutable laws of collapse” shown throughout history.

  • The Greek City-State: 323 BC 
  • Carthage: 146 BC 
  • The Roman Empire(Western): 476 AD
  • Constantinople & the Eastern Roman Empire: 1453 AD
  •  The Ottoman Empire: 1918 AD

Endorsements for Lesson From Fallen Civilizations Vol.1

“Larry Kelley’s Lessons from Fallen Civilizations is a sweeping tour de force that reminds us that civilization as we know it is a fragile miracle that modern-day barbarians could easily sweep away with the help of a complacent polity if we fail to protect and defend it.” -Kenneth R. Timmerman

“The West is at a crossroads. If you want to really understand how other cultures fell, why the United States is at a precipice, who the real threat is to our survival, and what we must do to avoid the fates of Greece, Carthage, and Rome, listen very closely to what Larry Kelley is telling you in Lessons From Fallen Civilizations. Our Founders understood well these messages from history—so should we.” -Chris Field Executive Editor, The Blaze Magazine

Lesson From Fallen Civilizations Vol.2

The Abraham Accords of August 2020 are prophesized in Lessons from Fallen Civilizations, The Way Forward. The conquest of the Christian infidel led by the Prophet has ended. For the first time in 1,400 years, the Christian West and the Sunni House of Islam are now allied against Russia, China, North Korea, and Shiite Iran. The essays contained here point the way forward for that new alliance in the coming wars against the totalitarians, the new Axis of Evil.

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    Freedom Chronicles Newsletter VII

    Today the Israeli freedom fighters are every man, women, and child living inside Israel who wishes to live free of the fear of being killed or worse. While their forces are winning the kinetic war inside Gaza, Israel is losing the propaganda war worldwide. 

    As of this writing, Hamas continues to hold 132 captives. France, Germany, and the UK are now urging a cease-fire, to which Netanyahu responds, “We are in a war for our existence.”  Moreover, many of my fellow historians have asserted Israel is a member of the West, fighting at the front against the totalitarians, in the war between good and evil.  

    Tragically, IDF fighters killed three Israeli hostages who they mistakenly thought were disguised Hamas fighters. According to an Israeli official, the families of the three hostages killed as well as those of the soldiers who killed them lie in ruins. 

    The Hamas-sympathizing Washington Post reports that 1800 Palestinians have been killed, with no corroboration from the Hamas-controlled health officials and with no delineation of fighters versus civilians killed. It goes on to report that Israel drops leaflets on city sections scheduled for bombing, alerting the civilians to vacate, or be considered enemy combatants.  This the paper incongruously asserts, “Is the reason there has been such high levels of civilian deaths.”

    One might ask the Post or any Hamas-sympathizing news outlet, “Did the Palestinians drop leaflets on Southern Israel before showering it with thousands of rockets, swooping in and killing 1,100 Israeli citizens, including 36 children, 373 security guards, 71 foreigners, and inflicting mass sexual violence?”

    Should the US have dropped leaflets on Tokyo warning the civilians of the daring Doolittle’s bombing raid, staged four months after Pearl Harbor? Obviously, to leaflet before an attack is to forfeit surprise and one’s own soldiers’ lives. Israel is the only country in the world or in the history of the world, for that matter, that, having suffered an attack, is held to such an absurd standard. 

    Freedom Chronicles #6

    Russia’s Freedom Fighters By Larry Kelley 

    Screen Shot 2023-09-25 at 6.05.26 PM.png

    In these columns, my intention is to report on the freedom movements inside totalitarian regimes such as China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea, regimes that are dedicated to the annihilation or subjugation of Western governments. In so doing, I’m assuming their governments are less able or less likely to attack us while they are destabilized, quelling their own insurrections, or collapsing altogether. 

    In our last issue, we focused on the riots and protests in Iran which I’m happy to report continue to mount. Over the past nine months ending in June, the Iranian Mullahs have had to put down 3,600 protests across the country with 21,000 freedom fighters arrested and sadly 600 killed. 

    In this issue, we turn to a revanchist Russia which controls the world’s largest arsenal of nuclear weapons but where we see Putin bogged down in his effort to reconquer Ukraine. 

    Putin has stated that the fall of the Soviet Union was the single greatest tragedy of the 20th century.  He fancies himself a Czarist conqueror, yet he has lost half his army, killed, captured, or disserted in his dystopian adventure, attacking a much smaller country experts predicted would fall in a matter of weeks.

    It is useful to note that Putin is the heir to the communist thugs who ruled a Soviet empire that lasted only 74 years.  In short, he embodies one of the themes of these essays—empires run by thuggish dictators have a way of being short-lived.  I suppose the record for short empires must be Hitler’s 1000-year Reich which lasted twelve years.

    Prigozhin Killed?

    Recent news from Russia is the would-be usurper to the throne, Yevgeny Prigozhin, was reportedly killed when his plane was shot down in Africa. 

    In late June the world witnessed a stunning challenge to Putin’s rule and his mishandling of the war in Ukraine. Prigozhin, commander of the Russian mercenary army, the Wagner Group, whose hardened troops spent many months on the front lines, marched them out of Ukraine to within 120 miles from the gates of Moscow and even shot down several Russian aircraft. About 24 hours after Prigozhin swore that his fighters would force a change atop Russia’s military establishment, he turned them around under a surprise deal brokered by neighboring Belarus. In return for calling off his rebellion, he was permitted to relocate to Belarus, where, under the terms of the deal, he would be spared prosecution. 

    Not since he seized power from Boris Yeltsin on December 31, 1999, has Putin’s rule been so challenged. Prigozhin temporarily disappeared from worldview, briefly resurfaced a month later in Africa, and was summarily assassinated, or so it appears. In totalitarian Russia, run by a former KGB agent, any official follow-up story on Prigozhin’s death, circulated by its state-owned media, should be read with complete skepticism, even if they report the remains in the wreckage have been verified.  It could all be a lie. The valuable warlord could have assumed a new identity and been assigned to some clandestine operation aimed against a Putin-targeted enemy.  

     While the failed insurrection exposed the fragility of Putin’s hold on power, a shadowy yet increasingly active front has erupted inside Russia. There are now numerous groups of revolutionaries operating inside Russia which range from neo-fascist to the far left, mounting brazen acts of sabotage against Russian infrastructure and, shockingly, carrying out assassinations of high-profile figures. What follows are the profiles of the three.

    Russian Volunteer Corps and Denis Nitkin

    Led by the far-right Denis Nikitin, the Russian Volunteer Corps (RVC) made international headlines recently when he claimed to lead a cross-border raid in two villages of the western Russian province of Bryansk. Official Russian news agencies report the raid killed two civilians and injured two others. Using social media, the RVC published videos shot inside Russia to back up its claims of responsibility.  In short order, they almost assassinated one of Putin’s oligarchs, Konstantin Malofeev. RVC militias are also fighting alongside Ukrainian military forces.

    National Republican Army and Ilya Ponomarev

    The NRA is an independent network of fighters inside Russia in a dozen cities.  They are an anti-Ukrainian invasion, anti-Putinist movement coordinating their resistance efforts via social media. They claim to favor the formation of a new democratic Russia which they hope to achieve either through those in power ceding power or by obtaining it through the use of violence. In August of last year, the exiled Russian parliamentarian Ilya Ponomarev claimed the group was behind the assassination of pro-war Russian journalist Darya Dugina. Ponomarev claimed the NRA was additionally behind a series of arson attacks against military sites. They also assassinated prominent pro-war Russian blogger Vladlen Tatarsky in a St. Petersburg café where most of the other patrons in the café were killed as well.  

    Black Bridge 


    (Rostov-on-Don Russian military office)

    Out of the four major groups claiming attacks within Russia, the least known is one that calls itself Black Bridge. Similar to the RVC and the NRA, Black Bridge first got significant attention by calling for action to disrupt the internationally unrecognized referendums held by Russia to annex the Ukrainian territories of Donetsk, Kherson, Luhansk and Zaporizhzhia (August 2022). The Black Bridge’s first major operation is believed to be an attack in June on a Rostov-on-Don Russian military office that reportedly killed four people and injured five others (pictured above). 

    A Final Note

    Let me hasten to add, that there should be no sympathy extended to misguided revolutionaries, like those who sickeningly target female activists for assassination or kill innocent non-combatants. It is only important to see that the fabric of a society run by Putin and his thugs is beginning to come apart.  

    Secondly, with respect to Russian media, it is probable Putin assassinated his top military commander for treason but we should take nothing of what Putin and his media say at face value. 

    Larry Kelley’s first work of comparative history has been revised and released under a new publisher. The new edition of Lessons From Fallen Civilizations Volume 1; Why Great Societies Fail, is available exclusively through the Larry Kelley Amazon Author Amazon Publishing. Please use the button link below to purchase Larry’s books directly from the publisher via