South Koreans Favor Capitulation

Above Photo: South Korean President Moon Jae-In

South Koreans voters chose as their new president, the progressive candidate, Moon Jae-in, who promised them he’d “say no to Washington.”  By this he meant that he would challenge aspects of the long-established security alliance with the US including the recent deployment of our portable missile defense system, THAAD (Theater High Altitude Area Defense), installed to protect millions of South Koreans from North Korean missile attacks.

Moon and the plurality of Korean voters want to push back against the US in favor of strengthening ties with China and North Korea.  When we consider that 37,000 young American men gave their lives to keep South Korea free, I find this very dispiriting. And it is one more example of how wide the gulf has become between the progressive and liberal camps on a worldwide basis.  The progressives think of us as boorish war mongers who relish war.  We look at them as having evolved past the point of retaining their own instinct for survival.

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