Lesson From Fallen Civilizations Vol. 1 & 2 2024-01-16T13:49:39-08:00

Lessons From Fallen Civilizations, Vol.1

Why Great Societies Fail

Larry Kelley portrays in dramatic detail the fall of five great civilizations. Each example describes how these once-great societies lost their freedom and fell prey to Kelley’s “immutable laws of collapse” shown throughout history.

  • The Greek City-State: 323 BC 
  • Carthage: 146 BC 
  • The Roman Empire(Western): 476 AD
  • Constantinople & the Eastern Roman Empire: 1453 AD
  •  The Ottoman Empire: 1918 AD

Endorsements for Lesson From Fallen Civilizations Vol.1

“Larry Kelley’s Lessons from Fallen Civilizations is a sweeping tour de force that reminds us that civilization as we know it is a fragile miracle that modern-day barbarians could easily sweep away with the help of a complacent polity if we fail to protect and defend it.” -Kenneth R. Timmerman

“The West is at a crossroads. If you want to really understand how other cultures fell, why the United States is at a precipice, who the real threat is to our survival, and what we must do to avoid the fates of Greece, Carthage, and Rome, listen very closely to what Larry Kelley is telling you in Lessons From Fallen Civilizations. Our Founders understood well these messages from history—so should we.” -Chris Field Executive Editor, The Blaze Magazine

Lesson From Fallen Civilizations Vol.2

The Abraham Accords of August 2020 are prophesized in Lessons from Fallen Civilizations, The Way Forward. The conquest of the Christian infidel led by the Prophet has ended. For the first time in 1,400 years, the Christian West and the Sunni House of Islam are now allied against Russia, China, North Korea, and Shiite Iran. The essays contained here point the way forward for that new alliance in the coming wars against the totalitarians, the new Axis of Evil.