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Freedom Chronicles #5

We’re Gonna Free Iran” – Joe Biden

In my book, Lessons from Fallen Civilizations, I wrote—”History is not an exact roadmap for the future but it is the only navigation aid we have.”  Freedom lovers must face the current threat to our civilization, the new Axis of Evil, China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea.  

China is stealing our proprietary technologies, flooding our country with fentanyl, and blackmailing our first family. We should respond in kind. Going forward, my Freedom Chronicles will report on the cracks in this unholy alliance and expose its glaring and appalling weaknesses.

Many Axis watchers believe we are now living in a 1939-like moment. Bolstered by its partners, China is rapidly advancing toward its long-and-openly-advocated goal of total hegemony over the West. This newsletter will now be dedicated to understanding our enemies, knowing their strengths, but more importantly, exploiting their weaknesses and following the Reagan model, that is, bringing them down “without firing a shot.”  

Recent Events: Iran

Recent drone attacks on U.S. military bases in northeast Syria have resulted in the death of a U.S. contractor and wounded six other American soldiers. We know the drones were Iranian, launched the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps), the theocracy’s paramilitary arm responsible for smuggling explosive devices into Iraq and killing thousands of our soldiers there.   Reports from local monitoring groups reported our responding attack ordered by Biden claimed between four and eight fatalities of IRGC-aligned militants.

In what is becoming an all-too-common event, our primary air defense at our Syrian base, an Avenger missile system, was “not fully operational” at the time of the attack, experiencing an unexpected maintenance problem. Thankfully, U.S. officials also said Iran-backed militias launched 10 rockets at another U.S. base in the area but yielded no casualties. Testifying before Congress, U.S. Army General Michael Kurilla, commander of American forces in the region, reported that Iran has launched 78 attacks on U.S. positions in Syria since January 2021.               

Weaknesses the West Must Now Exploit

Support for the theocratic regime in Tehran is disintegrating. Iranians by the thousands took to the streets late last year, after the regime brutally murdered a 22-year-old Iranian woman, Mahsa Amini, of Sunni/Kurdish descent, with unveiled brave young women and girls on the frontlines. Demonstrations continue more often and with greater intensity.  Riots in Iran have been going on for over a decade.

In 2009, what came to be the “Green Revolution” saw hundreds of thousands of Iranians take to the streets in the capital to protest the fraudulent re-election of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Nationwide protests shook the Islamic Republic in late 2017 and have occurred regularly in the years since. In November 2019, protests spurred the regime to kill as many as 1,500 demonstrators, according to Reuters. The rioters began challenging the regime’s mismanaged economy, corruption, human rights abuses, and regional aggression against minorities

Freedom Chronicles 3

I’m nearing the end of my journey with Tyler Jones, my narrator, in the

the soon-to-be-released novel, An American Slave in Africa. Captured aboard a commercial vessel in 1801 by Muslim pirates, it is the story of a Harvard College kid who spends 15 years in Algeria, converts to Islam under torture, marries a woman born in the palace harem, becomes a loving father to two daughters, and rises to become a close advisor to the Dey of Algiers.

Jones works to gain the release of American and European prisoners
enslaved in Algiers and commands the Dey’s pretorian guard. The young
historian regularly meets with the Dey and explains to him how great conflicts of the past and present, have contributed to making America an emerging formidable world power.


On July 18, 1812, President Madison signed the measure putting the nation, once again, at war with Britain. Although the declaration of war passed both houses, our government was evenly split. Nearly all the Federalists voted against the war and the Republicans, equally for it. At the outset, American losses on land in the Northwest Territories were severe. On the night of November 26, 1812, when the votes from the electoral college had all but assured Madison of his reelection to the presidency, news reached Washington that Stephen Decatur had won a stunning naval victory off the Azores. Decatur’s ship, the USS United States, had pounded the British frigate, the Macedonian, into submission and had delivered it home as a prize. The captured ship’s flag was immediately transported to Washington and brought into the Tomlinson’s hotel where the first lady, Dolly Madison, and many of the capital’s most influential were attending a ball. Its attendees erupted into cheers at its entrance. The band played Yankee Doodle as the flag was laid at the first lady’s feet. A Republican Congressman, Sam Mitchell, of New York was quoted as proclaiming to his wife, “I felt myself to be in the condition of Themistocles after viewing the Persian trophies won by the Athenians at the battle of Marathon.”

…Two years later, on the night of August 23, 1814, the Madisons, Dolly, and James would spend their last in the White House. The President left the following day on horseback to visit several patriot militias in the surrounding areas of Washington, Maryland, and the Chesapeake port cities. No one knew where the British would attack. The Americans’ intelligence only let them know that the British had landed between five to seven thousand troops somewhere up the Patuxent River and were marching at night, only a few miles away, toward the port of Baltimore or the American Capital itself…