Can a Willfully Blind People Hope to Survive?

This week, Rush Limbaugh spent a good deal of time discussing a courageous piece by Andy McCarthy entitled, The Wages of Willful Blindness: Is it Time for Defenders of Liberty to Abandon the GOP?. While McCarthy’s entire body of work regarding mainstream Islam demonstrates his fearlessness, with this new article he places himself on a new enemies list because he accuses the Republican establishment of the sort capitulationism that suffuses the thinking of the Left.

In listening to Rush’s commentary and reading the above linked piece posted to PJ Media, I was particularly gratified. This was because, in researching and writing my book, Lessons from Fallen Civilizations – Can a bankrupt America Survive the Current Islamic Threat? for the past ten years, I came to the same two conclusions as does McCarthy:

  1. that there is nothing extremist about Muslim acts of violence against the Infidel.
  2. not only has the hierarchy of the American Left been compromised by Islamic operatives who support terrorism and plot our demise but sadly so has much of the American Republican establishment been compromised as well.

In my book, I report that the Bush Administration, shortly after 9/11 began allowing Islamist operatives, many of whom were from the Muslim Brotherhood, to gain access to its most senior policy makers, paving the way for the construction of a thousand American mosques over the past decade. A recent study conducted by undercover law enforcement agencies has determined that two-thirds of these mosques host Imams who advocate the violent overthrow of the US. More and more, the FBI and allied law enforcement agencies are interdicting violent plots whose planners are American-born Muslims.

In my book, I develop a list of ten immutable laws (undermining factors) which govern the fall of great civilizations. My Immutable #9 reads – When a civilization accepts the propaganda of its enemy as truth, it has reached the far side of appeasement and capitulation is nigh.

Today, as McCarthy points out, the blind Sheik Abdel Rahman who nearly collapsed the Trade Towers in 1993, bin Laden, and or some punk New York Muslims plotting set off bombs inside the New York subway system are not “violent extremists seized by some sort of psychological problem.” They are Islamic supremacists. And the justification for their actions can easily be found by anyone who has even a rudimentary knowledge of Islamic jurisprudence.

In short, the Muslim’s holy texts advocate violent jihad against the inherently sinful infidel as a necessary means to bring about the inevitable world-wide Islamic caliphate.

What precipitated McCarthy’s condemnation of the Republican establishment was first a letter written by five conservative members of Congress including Michele Bachman demanding to know why there are so many Muslim Brotherhood-friendly individuals in high places in this administration, people such as Huma Abedin, a close confidant of Hillary Clinton. Their initiative was then renounced by members of the Republican old guard, led by John McCain.

McCain’s actions are shocking. If both parties become capitulationists, the country will inevitably become subservient to ruthless Islamists who know that they can cow a domesticated populace. The Islamists, who now run Egypt and the Moslem Brotherhood, instinctively know that ruthlessness is a tactic which has worked against domesticated populations for as long as there have been cities.

People of property and privilege have always been easy prey for the ruthless band of thugs. In order to avoid the risk of their property and their lives, they will almost always opt for a life of servitude.

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Larry Kelley’s life was utterly changed by 9/11. On the day after the attacks, on his way to work, he was struck by the sudden realization that World War III had commenced. Like most Americans he desperately wanted to find out who were these people who attacked us, what could ordinary citizens do to join the battle and how can those plotting to kill us in future attacks be defeated. Mr. Kelley has written scores of columns on the dangers of western complacency.