Kerry Begs Iraq – “Please Don’t Go Viet Nam”

John-Kerry-beggingThanks to the editors of the Wall Street Journal’s Opinion page, we learned this week that our esteemed Secretary of State, John Kerry, was reduced to begging Iraqi officials to “search Iranian flights that fly over Iraq on their way to arming Bashar Assad’s Syrian Government.”  As they put it, “the strategic cost of President Obama’s election-driven total withdrawal from Iraq is now becoming clearer.”  But for Kerry, who headed up the effort to deliver the South Vietnamese people to the tender mercies of the Viet Cong, the irony of this message forty years later, is as big as it gets.

As Obama was preparing to make good on his promise to end of the Iraq war, Vice President Biden was given the task of negotiating a “status of forces” agreement which would allow the US to leave enough military presence (approximately 10,000 troops) in country to ensure that we could create a South-Korea-like ally in Iraq.  Gaff-machine, Biden, proclaimed that he would bet his vice presidency on his getting the deal done.  He didn’t.

This week, while Kerry was reduced to whining that Iraq is “betraying us”, Iraqi Prime Minister al-Maliki could easily see that the complete American exodus from Iraq, with its large population of Shiites, makes it extremely easy for Iran to destabilize his government.  This fact alone makes him completely disinterested in American interests. Kerry, of all people, should know what leftist capitulationist policies do to our allies in war zones. They get killed.

And now despite the best efforts of the mainstream press to cover it up, there are stories filtering out of Iraq profiling those Iraqi families who can’t get visas to come to the US but who fear for their lives precisely because they sided with America during the occupation.  This tragic situation in Iraq matches up perfectly with and presages the Vietnamese holocaust that Kerry helped perpetrate.


As I write in my book, Lessons from Fallen Civilizations,

(An excerpt)

…North Vietnamese General Bui Tin headed the delegation of army officers who formally accepted the surrender of South Vietnam in 1975. He later defected to the West and has publicly stated that the antiwar movement headed by Kerry and Jane Fonda “was essential to our strategy.”

 More important, in 1970, Kerry met with the North Vietnamese delegation headed by the mercurial Madame Binh and Lo Duc Tho, two of the founders of Indochinese communism. This violated the US Constitution, Article 18, section 953,  that prohibits negotiating with foreign powers. When confronted with FBI documents obtained by the Freedom of Information act, the Kerry presidential campaign admitted what he had done in Paris. At the precise moment Henry Kissinger and US negotiators were securing a cessation of hostilities, Kerry convinced the North to fight on instead ofaccepting a North/South divide.

 A treaty would have kept our South Vietnamese allies from being ravaged by the North. After the Kerry meeting, the North Vietnamese position hardened. The war dragged on—thousands of Vietnamese and Americans lost their lives. A year after Kerry’s meeting with the North Vietnamese in Paris, July 1, 1971, they offered a seven-point plan that would free our POW’s if the US agreed to surrender and leave. Twenty-one days later, Kerry called a press conference on behalf of the VVAW and urged President Richard Nixon to accept the plan.

So important was Kerry to their cause, when Communist Vietnam  opened its “War Crimes Museum,” in 1984, the government placed a photo of Kerry with a plaque that described his “heroic contributions.”

 In a question and answer exchange at the end of the Fulbright hearings, Kerry was asked what he thought would happen in South Vietnam if America surrendered. He replied, “Having done what we have to that country, we have an obligation to offer sanctuary to 2,000 to 3,000 people.”

 While campaigning for president in 2004, Kerry advocated for America to capitulate again—this time abandoning the government and freeing people of Iraq, leaving them and their country’s oil revenues to the tender mercies of al-Qaeda, Iran, and assorted jihadists. As recently as July 2007, in a banal display of self denial, Kerry said, “We heard that argument over and over again about the bloodbath that would engulf the entire Southeast Asia and it didn’t happen.”

 The fact is, when the Democrat controlled Congress cut off all funding to South Vietnam in 1974, a holocaust befell the region and approximately two million Cambodians, Laotians, and Vietnamese lost their lives. Had George W. Bush committed a slip of the tongue or a minor gaffe like his father did in a debate with Bill Clinton when he was seen glancing at his watch, it’s quite possible that John Kerry would have been our 44th president…

 Thanks to Kerry, Obama, and the capitulationists now running the US government, a holocaust similar to the one that befell Southeast Asia may well be poised to begin in Iraq.


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