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News from the Front

News from the Front, will show that resurgent militant Islam and its allies in rogue state capitals, from Caracas to Pyongyang, are now waging a worldwide jihad against the West, planning attacks in the Philippines, North Africa, in the Muslim enclaves of France, Britain, Sweden, the “no go zones” where European police fear to go, and in the suburbs of Washington DC where Imams openly preach hatred of America. As Catherine Herridge points out in her book, The Next Wave, law enforcement agencies are interdicting a new terrorist plot inside the US, on average, once every two weeks. Since 9/11, Muslims have launched 20,000 attacks worldwide. They indiscriminately kill the infidel and secular Muslims alike. Their mission is to intimidate, destabilize and ultimately impose fundamentalist Islam upon the non-Muslim world.

Is Trump Partnering with China to Bring Down the Kim Dynasty?

Now that President Trump has accepted Kim Jong Un’s invitation to meet, it is worth remembering the events of October 11th and 12th of 1986 when Ronald Reagan and the leader of the Soviet Union, Mikael Gorbachev, met at a summit meeting in Reykjavik Iceland.

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Can the New York Times Be Trusted With National Security?

Throughout the 1930’s Walter Duranty was The New York Times most celebrated reporter. He was its Moscow correspondent, for whom it submitted a request and received a Pulitzer Prize. Among the many of Duranty’s malevolent falsehoods published in The Times were his denials that Stalin’s forced collectivization of farms caused millions of Russians to starve.

Trump & My Main Character – Western Civilization

It seems that only a President Trump could proclaim, “Let us all fight like the Poles, for freedom, for our country, and for God,” and still provoke an avalanche of attacks from the left and its legions of media allies.  His speech was his finest so far because it drew the left and the right out, compelled us to respond, and was a defining moment, especially for them.