Political Correctness: What Went Wrong in Paris, Ottawa, Seattle and New York

Article posted January 19, 2015 on Townhall.com

What are the commonalities relevant to the Paris attacks, the attack on the Canadian Parliament last October, Mayor de Blasio’s debacle in New York, and the plight of Seattle-based cartoonist, Molly Norris, the first American journalist forced into hiding by militant Islam? Answer—they are all the end result of very bad governance by the arbiters of multiculturism and political correctness who must disarm and demoralize those it has employed to protect and defend society.

They Sent Them Out Unarmed!

Paris: With the Islamist rampage in Paris now concluded and the brothers Kouachi and their accomplice, Hamyd Mourad, dead, the death toll of 17 innocent Parisians, it was the worst two-day loss of life since the Nazis rolled into town. On social media, supporters of militant Islamic groups praised the move. One self-described Tunisian loyalist of al Qaeda and the Islamic State tweeted that the attack was well-deserved revenge against France.

What was mostly lost in the coverage or at least deemphasized is that two of the dead were unarmed Parisian police. One is the policeman pictured wounded on the sidewalk begging for his life, an image now seen around the world and emblematic of a disarmed West. And the other was a bodyguard to the publisher, Stephane Charbronnier, killed inside the offices of Charlie Hebdo.

Of course, once the French elite police arrived, they were well-armed and very professionally isolated and killed the terrorists. But what should shock and ultimately shame the French political class as well as those French men and women who elected them, is that they sent unarmed police into a deadly dangerous situation only to get them mercilessly mowed down. (Two other unharmed policemen fled the scene). Therefore it is they who bare some of the responsibility in the loss of their countrymen’s lives.

Ottawa: Last October, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, a recent convert to Islam calmly walked up to an unarmed soldier , corporal Nathan Cirillo, assigned to guard the country’s war memorial, shot and killed him. He next walked into the Canadian Parliament building and began shooting at people as they ran or hid under their desks. Sargent at Arms, Kevin Vickers, likely the only man in the building with a weapon was near enough to his office so that he could quickly retrieve his weapon, corner the shooter and kill him.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Commissioner Bob Paulson said, “The RCMP has identified persuasive evidence that Michael Zehaf-Bibeau’s attack was driven by ideological and political motives.” Paulsen went on to make some sniveling remarks about how difficult it is to assess from where homegrown attacks may come.

The next day, Vickers received a hero’s welcome from the joyfully relieved members of the Canadian Parliament. But I wondered if any of them had been ashamed by the fact that they had placed a highly decorated unarmed soldier outside their chambers to guard, of all things, the country’s war memorial. I wondered if any of them would pay a visit to the Cirillo family and ask forgiveness for the country’s gross malfeasance. I concluded, probably not.

Muslims Attack Free Speech in Seattle

On May 20, 2010, Molly Norris was a successful cartoonist operating out of Seattle. That year, the creators of the cartoon show, South Park, produced a show which spoofed Mohammad, depicting him dressed up in a bear suit. This prompted Islamists to issue death threats to the South Park creators. The program’s distributor, the oh-so courageous liberal defender of the disadvantaged, Comedy Central, to air the show with the images of the Prophet redacted. The Islamists had won their first victory in shutting down criticism of Islam inside the U.S., its first victory in shutting down free speech.

This prompted Norris, to send out a message to her Facebook followers urging them to participate in her “Draw Mohammad Day.” She in turn, received so many death threats that the Seattle FBI office sent a representative to meet with her and to inform her that she needed to “go ghost.” In that same year, Molly promptly disappeared, leaving behind all her family and friends and forfeiting her livelihood.

Several years later as I was just completing my book, Lessons from Fallen Civilizations – Can a Bankrupt America Survive the Current Islamic Threat,I came across Molly’s story. I decided a perfect mission for my book would be to dedicate a portion of every sale to fund the Free Molly Norris Foundation.

In setting up my foundation, I contacted the two publications where Molly had worked prior to her disappearance, City Arts and the Seattle Weekly. I explained to them that I was raising money to help Molly and wanted to see if someone at either publication would know someone who could be a conduit to deliver her funds and letters of encouragement. Neither would help. Both wished to “disengage.” I then contacted the Seattle FBI, hoping that I could perhaps locate Molly’s case officer who could be my conduit to her. They said the same thing; they too just wanted to disengage.

In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, I have been contacted by a number of television and radio stations, even a French/Paris based radio station, to ask me about my Foundation and what I know about Molly. I told them I have, so far, only raised money and awareness of her plight. But whereas the South Park attack was Islam’s first victory against free speech, Molly is a historic figure because she is the first journalist forced into hiding by radical Islam, inside the U.S. In a very real sense, she is inextricably linked to the unarmed French policeman, wounded on the sidewalk, begging for his life.

De Blasio’s Lawless New York

Like President Hollande, Mayor de Blasio is a self-described Marxist. And although he wouldn’t be so crazy as to want to see the NYPD disarmed, he is actively weakening its powers to police the city and is demoralizing its ranks. Under Mayor Giuliani, due to his new and effective policing methods, the murder rate in New York City plunged by 60%. Those methods were continued under his successor, Mayor Bloomberg. Yet a year ago de Blasio ran and incredibly won his mayoral election on a platform of class and race warfare and “police reforms.”

True to form, when rentamobs were marching in the streets of New York chanting, “What do we want? Dead Cops,” he was supportive. Soon thereafter, two New York cops, Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, were murdered while seated in their patrol car. At the subsequent funerals for the slain officers hundreds of cops attended and dressed in uniform turned their backs on a humiliated de Blasio a soon as he rose to speak.

But an even more ominous series of events are playing out in de Blasio’s New York where police work has now become much more dangerous. Two more cops were gunned last week while responding a robbery. As a result suddenly arrests and summons for minor crimes are down over 90% in the city as police stage dramatic work slowdown against minor street crimes which now, in this poisonous atmosphere, pose a greater threat that they will be gunned down.

Unable to see his massive blunders due to his ideological blinders, de Blasio continues to align with the race baiter, Al Sharpton, who is planning more anti-cop protests, throwing gasoline on what is already a fire. While New York residents need to worry that their city of nine million could descend into a cauldron of rampant crime and chaos, the rest of the country should worry that one of de Blasio’s first acts as the new mayor was to shut down the NYPD anti-terrorism unit known as the Demographics unit. Its primary function was to place undercover officers inside New York and New Jersey mosques.

The NYPD website contains a section which details the sixteen Islamist terror plots, since 9/11, which were foiled or failed, such as the Times Square plot. In May of 2010, Pakistani-American, Faisal Shahzad, returned from training in Waziristan, Pakistan to New York City where he left his car on the square loaded with a massive car bomb which failed to detonate.

The greatest fear among national security professionals is that the Taliban or an allied group will get a hold of a small portable nuclear weapon (the highest probability being from Pakistan) hand it off to a terrorist team which can deliver it to accomplices in New York City who detonate it. The reason New York is the most likely target is because the terrorists know a WMD attack there would drive a stake into the heart of the American economy. So in that regard, every American has a stake in de Blasio’s arrogant malfeasance. And while he hasn’t literally disarmed the NYPD, as have his ideological brethren in Canada and Paris, the net effect is the same. He has aided and abetted the attacks on his own police force. By stirring up hatred for cops, he’s created conditions where they cannot effectively do their jobs, therefore putting his own citizenry and arguably the whole country at greater risk. De Blasio needs to resign.

In Summary

The arbiters of political correctness and multiculturalism which have managed to dominate the governments of the West have disarmed its law enforcement agencies and have evolved to point where they can no longer adequately protect their own citizenry because they have clearly lost their basic instinct for survival.

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Larry Kelley’s life was utterly changed by 9/11. On the day after the attacks, on his way to work, he was struck by the sudden realization that World War III had commenced. Like most Americans he desperately wanted to find out who were these people who attacked us, what could ordinary citizens do to join the battle and how can those plotting to kill us in future attacks be defeated. Mr. Kelley has written scores of columns on the dangers of western complacency.