Syria, Benghazi and News from the Front

Where did Syria Get Its Chemical Weapons?

In my book, Lessons from Fallen Civilizations, I write:

Lessons From Fallen Civilizations…In 2003, Stephen, a British spy and self-styled “Lawrence of Arabia,” was on the ground inside Iraq weeks prior to the US-led invasion and saw the evacuation of WMD stockpiles and production equipment. Stephen observed the operation being conducted by non-uniformed Russian Special Forces (Spetsnatz), who loaded drums of poison gas and bio toxins on huge eighteen-wheelers destined for Syria and Lebanon. He sent his reports directly to Deputy Undersecretary of Defense, John Shaw. His network was so good that he tracked the shipments to specific villages in Syria, to hospitals in Beirut, and, in some cases, to the specific doctor who received the drums.

Shaw also received corroborating reports of the Russian evacuation operation directly from the Ukrainian head of intelligence, General Ihor Smeshko. The agency refused to work with the CIA or any conventional US intelligence agency for fear of leaks that would result in great political peril. The reports received from the Ukrainians actually named the former head of the KGB, Yevgeny Primakov, as the man who headed up the WMD evacuation operation.

Nevertheless, Shaw’s reports were spiked as “Israeli disinformation” by anti-Bush saboteurs in high places inside the CIA and the Pentagon, so that the Democrats, Kerry’s campaign, media, and international Left could continue its all-out relentless war against George W. Bush for his supposed crime of taking the country to war without proof that Iraq had WMDs…

If in the near term the US joins the pantheon of fallen civilizations, there will be an important precursor to its fall.  It will certainly be the campaign by the American left and its allies in the media and in academia, their campaign to discredit an American president during wartime, their campaign to establish in the minds of the Western electorate that Saddam Hussein “had no WMD’s.’’ It was arguably the most massive disinformation project ever mounted by an American political party.  It was an effective operation designed to sweep the Democrats back into power, a campaign that said to the men and women fighting in Iraq-  be damned.  It was shameless and still absurd in that the left and its allies asserted Saddam Hussein did not have WMD’s when it is an established fact that he was the only head of state to attack his own people with chemical weapons.  After the fall of Iraq, all the Iraqi WMD programs, that is the factories for the production of bio, chemical, and nuclear weapons were found.  The ordinance was not found because it had been moved out.

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Can the War in Syria Impugn American Security?

Now that Obama has drawn a phony red line regarding Syria’s use of chemical weapons upon its own people, the irony as to where some its weapons came from is important. Why?  Because if the al Qaeda backed forces among the Syrian rebels acquire those chemical weapons and or take over Syria, this is the nightmare scenario for Israel, Europe and the US.  Moreover, if Kerry, Obama, Reed, Biden et al, were willing to lie and propagandize about the missing WMD’s in Iraq when they, the Democrats, were in the opposition, why would we assume that they won’t try to lie and equivocate about the Syrian WMD’s now that they’re running the US government?

NotSAFEObamaAs we contemplate our own dwindling safety and national security, Americans need to stay focused on what Obama and his administration do now that it seems pretty obvious that dead Syrians are being found with foam about their noses and mouths.  We can only hope that an increasing number of Americans are awaking to the fact that this president is making them less safe every day. Whereas Obama has proclaimed that he would not allow the Assad regime to use or transport chemical weapons, now he’s saying that he wants a “comprehensive UN investigation, relying on the Organization for the Prohibition of the Chemical Weapons to corroborate the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government.” This is naked capitulation which invites an attack, a potentially WMD attack.

Instead of relying on the UN to arbitrate the crisis, this president should go into the situation room in the White House and work day and night to develop a daring plan to destroy and capture the chemical weapons stores in Syria.  But this would be too much to expect from a president and his regime who does not want to attack and preempt our enemies because it interrupts their primary objective which is to ‘fundamentally transform America” and to establish what I call the permanent Marxist majority. This is why Obama went to bed on the night of the Benghazi attack.  It’s much easier to lie about the threat and to go to sleep.

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