Behind North Korea Lurks Iran, China, Russia, and All Militant Islam

Today our enemies are many and diverse, composed of Asian dictators and stateless Muslim terrorists. And they are unified in their long-sought goal of conquering the West. Has this suddenly changed? 

Is John Bolton the Difference Trump Needs?

Bolton proposes, in what could be read as a letter to the Trump Administration, a way-forward after the defeat of ISIS.  While his recommendations are fraught with peril, they are, in my opinion, irrefutably correct.

Watergate Cubed

General Michael T. Flynn is back in the news, in the eye of hurricane, appointed by Trump to be National Security Advisor, fired, and now accused of collaborating with the Russians and taking payments from Turkey. He will get his day in court and is only accused but not convicted of any crimes. I am [...]

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A Raid on ISIS by the U.S. and Kurds Portends Great Events

Last Thursday night, October 22, in a daring raid, U.S. Special forces teamed with Kurdish Peshmerga forces and attacked an ISIS controlled prison in Hawijah, just outside the now autonomous Kurdish region of Northern Iraq. They heroically liberated 70 prisoners scheduled for beheading on the following day after prayers. Sadly, a titan of the U.S. Special [...]

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