How did Judgment of Left Become so Fatally Flawed?

The late, great William F. Buckley famously quipped: I’d rather be governed by 50 people randomly selected from the Boston phone book than 50 of the Yale faculty. Translation: no matter how pedigreed you may be, if you view the world through a collectivist, capitulationist prism, your judgment is fatally flawed.

So too is the judgment of our current president especially as it pertains to keeping this country safe from catastrophic attack. Only this President, a leader of the modern Left, could condemn waterboarding terrorists and practically in the next sentence, attempt to make it a national holiday for putting a bullet in Bin Laden’s head.

Obama has increased drone attacks over Pakistan ten-fold over that of President Bush. What sort of grip on reality would assert that we should not pour water up a known terrorist’s nose but that it is perfectly acceptable to send in a drone to blow up a suspected terrorist’s enclave, killing also his wives and children? How can this president trumpet his killing of bin Laden when it was the advanced interrogation techniques he has now prohibited and even attempted to criminalize, that produced the intelligence that led to bin Laden’s whereabouts?

The answer is—fatally flawed judgment of the Left. There are many examples of how the professional left takes on positions which cannot be defended by past statistical evidence, and are even humorously absurd. Eric Holder’s attempt to prosecute those localities which attempt to require a photo ID to vote is a case in point. It is a requirement to show photo ID to enter his office building.

How did this happen to the Left? How is it that it has arrived at a point where it must adopt positions which reflect a tenuous grip on reality? I identify the answer in my recently released best-selling book, Lessons from Fallen Civilizations. It emanates from the Kennedy assassination.

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Larry Kelley’s life was utterly changed by 9/11. On the day after the attacks, on his way to work, he was struck by the sudden realization that World War III had commenced. Like most Americans he desperately wanted to find out who were these people who attacked us, what could ordinary citizens do to join the battle and how can those plotting to kill us in future attacks be defeated. Mr. Kelley has written scores of columns on the dangers of western complacency.