Obama’s War on Women

If it were not so infuriating the Obama campaign’s accusation that it is Romney who is conducting a war on women, it would be laughable for its abject hypocrisy. It recently came to light that the women on the Obama White House staff were being paid far less than their male counterparts holding comparable positions. [...]

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Obama’s Candy Crowley Moment

In the just concluded Townhall debate, the most telling moment signaling Obama’s utter failure as President came during the discussion of the Benghazi attack. Obama was crashing and burning in his vein attempt to defend his own defenseless statements and those of his administration which labeled an al-Qaeda attack as a spontaneous reaction to an [...]

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Biden Breakdown

Last night, while we observed a clearly deranged sitting vice president who found it necessary to feign laughter while the topics of the debate ranged from why millions of American are sinking into poverty to the danger of nuclear war in the Middle East, it’s important to remember this man’s foreign policy record. He is [...]

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Preventing World War III

Yesterday Mitt Romney unveiled his plan to make the country energy independent by 2020. In the summation of my book, Lessons from Fallen Civilizations, I predicted that by the eve of this election, the American public would yearn for a new president who would understand the strategic importance of American energy independence. (see Economic Freedom [...]

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A Deathbed Confession

Now that Newsweek is about to go dark, its latest cover story is simultaneously historic while taking on the aspect of a death-bed confession. Reports are that it is out of money and will soon be an online publication only. For decades, the magazine has been a lock-step member in good standing of the Left, [...]

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Biden is Mentally Unfit to Serve

As we assess Biden’s latest gaff, “He gonna put you all back in chains,” the unmistakable conclusion is that the depth of the nation’s Vice President’s mental state is very worrying. As he warns his audience that the modern Republican Party wants to reinstitute slavery, he draws attention to the fact that modern Democrat party [...]

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Obama and the Main Stream Media Don’t Get the American Dream

One week before President Obama proclaimed, “If you’ve got a business—you didn’t build that.  Somebody else made that happen,” (a statement that we can only hope will live in infamy) Time Magazine devoted nearly an entire issue to the history of the American dream and concluded that it is now ebbing away.  In one of [...]

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