With the Fall of Mubarak, a Window into the Islamic Soul Opened

Now that the Democrat Party platform under Barack Obama has dropped its support for Israel’s capital, Jerusalem, I’d like to draw your attention to an article I wrote last year about the Arab Spring the fall the Egypt and the horrific gang rape of journalist, Lara Logan.

Shortly after the fall of Mubarak, on February 11, 2011, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu was quoted as saying, “No one knows what the future in Egypt will bring.” With the departure of Mubarak, a successful revolution had taken place in Islam’s most populous and most influential country. And with it, many believed that an Islamic reformation was at hand, that Egyptian freedom fighters would surely want to join the world of the enlightened. Yet the Muslim Brotherhood, with its ideology of Islamic world domination, commanded the largest constituency in the newly liberated Egypt.

By June of 2011, four months after the fall of Mubarak’s Egypt, the editors of the Weekly Standard were prompted to write, “The hopes and promises of the Arab Spring are fading into fears of what comes next.” Hosni Mubarak had been a dictator who ran Egypt as if it were his personal fiefdom and did so with typical brutality. But he had been an important combatant in the war on terror because he came down hard on the assorted Islamists inside Egypt and on the Muslim Brotherhood, killing and imprisoning them when necessary. He was also a paid ally of America who could be counted on to take risks on behalf of the West and to abide by the tenants of Egypt’s treaty with Israel. Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu saw him as reliable if not quite an ally in that Mubarak also kept the terrorist organization, Hamas, out of Egypt and bottled up in Gaza, and in so doing, denied it arms shipments into Gaza from its benefactors, Iran and Syria. In what may prove to be the largest strategic blunder since Carter’s abandonment of our close ally, the Shah of Iran, the Obama administration threw Mubarak to the wolves, proving that America was not be trusted from one administration to the next.

After the revolution, those who took over Egypt were military men like Mubarak yet they immediately began to openly consort with the Muslim Brothers. A Pew poll revealed that 49% of Egyptians support Hamas, a subsidiary of the Muslim Brotherhood and still committed to Israel’s destruction. Moreover, it is widely known that the Egyptian elites both in and outside the new interim government have unmitigated hatred for Israel. Many of them had plotted Mubarak’s assassination simply because he chose to keep the peace. The spokesman for the Muslim Brothers, the 84 year old Sheik Qaradawi is one of the most influential and popular figures in the Muslim World. Shortly after Mubarak’s fall he addressed a crowd of Egyptians estimated to be over a million. Referring to the Jews, he preached, “Kill them down to the very last one.” Mohammad Badie, official head of the Muslim Brothers worldwide followed Qaradawi’s speech by demanding a revision of the Egyptian-Israeli treaty, so eager was he to see war resume.

Although Egypt had denied all Iranian ships passage through the Suez Canal since the fall of the Shah, one of the interim regime’s first acts after Mubarak’s fall was to open the Canal to two Iranian warships enroute to Syria. Next the new interim government opened Rafah, the border crossing into Gaza, undoubtedly leading to shipments of advanced weaponry to Hamas. The Arab Spring brought real human suffering began to the Coptic Christians inside Egypt many of whom were killed by undeterred mobs. Several of their few remaining churches burned to the ground.

In late May, just three months after the fall of Mubarak, the interim Egyptian government brokered a reconciliation agreement between the two warring Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah with a signing ceremony in Cairo. The inter Arabic news service, al-Jazeerah gleefully reported,

“The Mubarak pro-Israel regime maintained disunity through its tough stance against Hamas, isolating it, and participating in the Israeli-led siege of the Gaza Strip. In an attempt to force Hamas to recognize the Israeli theft of the Palestinian land…. Netanyahu is furious, Palestinians are celebrating! This is a sign of a new dawn in the Middle East! Egypt is coming back to the arms of its Arab Nation.”

In this pronouncement one could identify two core elements of the Arab world view. One, in asserting that Israel was guilty of “theft of the Palestinian land,” what follows logically is that it has no right to exist. And two, within the phrase—“Egypt is coming back to the Arab nation,” (not nations) implicit is the longing for the reconstitution of the Arab Caliphate.

In post revolutionary Egypt its armed forces were in charge and they ruled by decree as did Mubarak. David Pryce Jones observed, “Should demonstrators then return to the streets, so would the tanks. An appearance of democracy conceals the reality of a palace coup.”4

The Rape of Lara Logan

Lara Logan A telling aspect of both Mubarak’s fall and the Muslim soul was the gang rape in Cairo of the CBS reporter, Lara Logan, by the supposed democracy loving Egyptian freedom fighters. On the night Mubarak resigned, a window into the Muslim soul opened. Ms. Logan and her camera crew walked toward Tahrir Square amid thousands of jubilant Egyptians. All went well until the battery powering her cameraman’s floodlight went out. Immediately a cloud of over 100 rapists descended upon her, tearing all her clothes off and manually and conventionally raping her in all orifices while others filmed the event on the cell phones and yelled, “Jew, Jew, American bitch.”

After several months of rehabilitation, Ms. Logan’s appearance on the television program, 60 Minutes, aired on May 1, 2011. (Its impact was eclipsed by Obama’s announcement of the bin Laden assassination on the same night.) She said, “For an extended period of time, they raped me but what really struck me was how merciless they were. They really enjoyed my pain and suffering. It incited them.” She told Scott Pelly of 60 Minutes that she thought she would ultimately be killed. But the moving cloud rapists and voyeurs spilled up against a fence where a group of shrouded Islamic women were sitting and who were able to cover her with their bodies until some soldiers could rescue her.

What 60 Minutes could not bring itself to conclude was that the massive gang rape of Ms. Logan, involving several hundred rapists and voyeurs could not have occurred in a major or lesser western city, not in London, Madrid, Paris, New York, Dallas or Tupelo. We can collectively intuit that virtually any group of Judeo/Christian men would have come to Ms. Logan’s rescue if they saw her in the grip of a group of thuggish rapists. Not so for the men of the newly liberated Cairo. Any western observer not conflicted by multicultural political correctness, can see the many implications of Ms. Logan’s gang rape. They are obvious. Among them—Islam inspires hatred of the infidel.

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