With the Fall of Syria the Left May be Implicated in Treason

SyriaJordan’s King Abdullah has recently warned the world that a collapsing Syria creates the risk that its chemical weapons stores will fall into the hands al Qaeda and or sundry other Middle Eastern terrorist groups. But should those weapons come under the control of international agencies, a prospect that is in doubt, this is extremely bad news for Obama because much of what passes for the twenty-first century foreign policy of the American left won’t just be repudiated it will be rendered treasonous.

Thanks to the courageous investigative reporting of my friend, Ken Timmerman, in my book, Lessons from Fallen Civilizations, I write:

…In 2003, Stephen, a British spy and self-styled “Lawrence of Arabia,” was on the ground inside Iraq weeks prior to the US-led invasion and saw the evacuation of WMD stockpiles and production equipment. Stephen observed the operation being conducted by non-uniformed Russian Special Forces (Spetsnatz), who loaded drums of poison gas and biotoxins on huge eighteen-wheelers destined for Syria and Lebanon. He sent his reports directly to Deputy Undersecretary of Defense, John Shaw. His network was so good that he tracked the shipments to specific villages in Syria, to hospitals in Beirut, and, in some cases, to the specific doctor who received the drums. Shaw also received corroborating reports of the Russian evacuation operation directly from the Ukrainian head of intelligence, General Ihor Smeshko.

The agency refused to work with the CIA or any conventional US intelligence agency for fear of leaks that would result in great political peril. The reports received from the Ukrainians actually named the former head of the KGB, Yevgeny Primakov, as the man who headed up the WMD evacuation operation. It even revealed the code name, Sarandar (Russian for emergency exit). Nevertheless, Shaw’s reports were spiked as “Israeli disinformation” by anti-Bush saboteurs in high places inside the CIA and the Pentagon, so that the Democrats, Kerry’s campaign, media, and international Left could continue its all-out relentless war against George W. Bush for his supposed crime of taking the country to war without proof that Iraq had WMDs…

See also Timmerman’s book, Countdown to Crisis

What’s important about the fate of Syria’s chemical WMD’s to the Western World:

1) if only 5% of the Muslim world are radicalized jihadists, that means that there are 50 million terrorists que’d up and eager to unleash these weapons upon the West. If these weapons fall into their hands, the avenues for their use are endless. The potential loss of life in the West will be unfathomable.

2) if an international consortium is successful in securing them, analysis will assuredly show that a large portion of Syria’s chemical weapons were manufactured in Iraq. This will be devastating to the American left which spent most of the first decade of the new century proclaiming that President Bush was liar, that “Bush lied and people died.” Kerry based much of his presidential campaign on this wishful thinking. Moreover the current Democrat edifice has been constructed upon the notion that George Bush and the Republican Party took the country into the Iraq war under false pretenses. Why? Because there were no WMD’s was the mantra.

When many of the Syrian WMD’s are proven to be from Iraq, it will blow back upon the American left. Reed, Pelosi, Kerry, Hillory, Obama, et al, will be implicated. Over the entirely of the Bush second term, they all made endless accusations that a sitting president, George Bush, took the county to war for ulterior motives. (What was that ulterior motive? He didn’t know that Iraq wasn’t making WMD’s)

In wartime, while young men and women are dying for their country, there cannot be a more severe charge leveled against a president. To make that accusation falsely, by a senior politician, is itself an act of treason.

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