Behind North Korea Lurks Iran, China, Russia, and All Militant Islam

Today our enemies are many and diverse, composed of Asian dictators and stateless Muslim terrorists. And they are unified in their long-sought goal of conquering the West. Has this suddenly changed? 

War is Deceit (Part 2)

In the Islamic Hadiths which are elaborations on the Koran, the statement, “War is Deceit,” is attributed to the Prophet Mohammad by his most reliable biographer, Muhammad al Bukhari (810-870). Islam is the only major religion which venerates deceit and proudly holds it up as a central pillar of its orthodoxy. While the Obama administration [...]

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The Iraq Surrender Report Post Mortem

Can anyone imagine Ronald Reagan appointing a blue-ribbon panel, partly comprised of his political enemies, and ordering it to produce a report that would tell him how to deal with the Soviet Union?

Perhaps the most odious aspect of Iraq Study Group report was that it linked the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with our decision to remove Saddam [...]

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Introducing ‘Good News From The Front’

An adequate working description of my new column might well be: Militant Islam vs. the West—The Good News. But now that both Iraq and Lebanon seem to be slouching toward civil war, now that schools open to Afghan girls are being attacked with savage impunity, now that Carl Levin, that sultan of surrender will be [...]

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