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The man with the $25 million bounty on his head (recent photo provided by Iraqi Intelligence)

DUBAI (AFP) – Osama bin Laden (OBL) attempted to communicate with Al-Qaeda’s front man in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, through a letter that was seized when a ground courier in Pakistan was intercepted. A US counter-terrorism official said in Washington last month that OBL had suggested to Zarqawi that he get involved in attacks inside the United States.

USS Theodore Roosevelt

Navy aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt

There are strong indications that the US is moving five carrier battle groups to the Eastern Mediterranean Sea and the Persian Gulf. This will spell a formidable strike force for Iran and Syria who are in defiance on issues of support for terrorism and nuclear weapons development.

The second century Roman historian, Tacitus, tells us of a chieftain, Hermann (Hehr-mahn), the Germanic lord of a tribe called the Cheruscans. He and his tribesman were mercenaries hired by Rome to help defend Gaul. However in 9 AD, Varus, the Roman Governor of Gaul, while leading an expedition of three legions east of the Rhine in the Teuotonburg Forest, was attacked by Hermann and his host of Teutonic insurgents. The Romans were wiped out to the last man. And so were sown the seeds of Rome’s long, bloody decline in the West. The Romans of the Western Empire were never able to assimilate and fully “Romanize” the German-speaking Franks who they freely allowed to immigrate inside their borders. Ultimately, the Germans would help to overwhelm, conquer and cannibalize the very civilization they so revered.

The question needs to be asked, will President Bush’s present borderless immigration policy be our Teuotonberg Forest? The dangers inherent in his current policy toward illegal immigration fall into two categories. One is a long-term threat, where unbridled migration across our borders will ultimately result in a loss of sovereignty over those regions settled and then dominated by a new Spanish-speaking hybrid culture. The other is short-term, where there is a threat of a terrorist event, perhaps one large enough to destabilize the central government.

In Samuel Huntington’s, The Clash of Civilizations, he records that on October 16, 1994, in Los Angeles, 70,000 people marched beneath a sea of Mexican flags protesting Proposition 187, a referendum that would deny state benefits to illegal immigrants and their children. “Why are they marching with Mexican flags demanding this country give them a free education and health care?” an observer asked.

Mexifornia coverIn his book, Mexifornia, Victor Davis Hanson, describes a looming crisis which if not adequately addressed soon presages the “multi cultural big bang,” set to occur well before 2050, when California’s massive illegal immigration, its attendant high birth rates, and chain migration, will bring California’s population to about 60 million, over two-thirds of whom will be Hispanic and more importantly, he contends, largely unassimilated. He maintains that if the state is allowed to grow largely Hispanic, a third-world foreign culture will reach a critical mass and become dominant. Most of the prosperous residents of all ethnicities will leave. Hanson reports a conversation with a Mexican-American neighbor who, in a remarkable bit of candid self-deprecation, proclaimed, “If you let us make California into Mexico, we’ll just go to Oregon.”

Dan Stein heads the D.C.-based immigration think tank called F.A.I.R. (Federation for American Immigration Reform). I asked him if he thought we, in the West, were losing the struggle to retain American culture.”Certainly, but what confounds all logic is why a group of non-Spanish-speaking American politicians, (including our President) would want to admit vast numbers of people who threaten the organizing principle of their own society.”

Once Hispanic immigration achieves critical mass, Stein like Hanson, envisions several scenarios, where Mexico, a third-world military power, and the Hispanic American separatists in organizations such as LULAC, MALDEF, and La Raza, will realize their common goal of repatriating portions of the Southwest to Mexico, “The bottom line,” Dan said, “Is that, in order to control territory, you have to populate it with people who are loyal to the national enterprise.  And when you have loyal citizens leaving a portion of the country (as have several million Californians recently) and ceding it to people whose primary loyalty is to a foreign (bordering) power, inevitably, over time, that land will eventually come under the control of that other country.” In short, the U.S. has never had to absorb so large a group of immigrants, many of whom are not only unwilling to assimilate but have come here with a prior territorial claim. Estimates are that there are as many as 20 million illegal aliens in the country now. That represents 1 out of 14 persons in the U.S.!

And for those who can’t believe that Mexico is repatriating territory from the U.S. right now, they need to visit the border area around Southeastern Arizona to witness it first hand. Chris Simcox is the editor in Chief of the Tombstone Tumbleweed Newspaper and the organizer of the Minuteman Project which is a group of volunteers who aid and assist the woefully undermanned Border Patrol working the 83 mile stretch along the Mexican border called the Tuscon sector. It is ground zero for the illegal migration to the U.S. Simcox states that in addition to massive environmental damage occurring in the national parks and forests of Southern Arizona, people who have owned property in the region for generations are leaving because they can’t get protection from the local or federal government. “They’re basically being run off their land. They’re property is almost of no value except for some Mexican citizens. And now these abandoned properties are being bought up by Mexican nationals.” Simcox adds ominously, “This leads you to believe that there are much greater implications to what is going on here.” What we are facing is not a crisis due to intrinsic American racism. Simcox notes that Arizonans of Hispanic descent who own property are as adamantly against the illegal invasion as are any other residents of the area.

But the other short-term threat associated with the current open border policy is much more urgent. It is the heightened risk of a massive terrorist event. The Mexican government is one of the most reprobate on earth. Mexican law enforcement has been utterly compromised by the billions of dollars flowing into the international drug cartels. In addition to the Mexicans’ human smuggling across our borders, there are heavily armed bands of drug smugglers coming across our southern borders escorted by equally armed Mexican police and even military. Simcox reports that just since last October our border patrol has been fired upon by Mexican nationals from not only walled positions on the other side of the border but also inside the U.S. One has to wonder why does the Bush administration does not treat these assaults as international incidents?

Our sanctuary policy and lax law enforcement toward illegal aliens not only enabled the 9/11 attacks but will enable the next attacks. Michelle Malkin reports that one month before the September 11 attacks, two of the hijackers Hani Hanjour and Khalid Almihdhar approached Luis Martinez-Flores, an El Salvadoran who had been in the U.S. undetected since 1994. He was hanging around a Falls Church 7-Eleven hoping to pick up work. But on this day he agreed to accompany the terrorists to the local Motor Vehicles office where he supplied them with the fake address of his former residence and more importantly certified that the pair lived there. From this the pair were able to generate six additional driver’s licenses for their party including the one used by Majed Moqed who piloted the plane that struck the Pentagon. Martinez-Flores was able to assist the hijackers because he was a protected, albeit illegal alien and sheltered by our sanctuary laws. He received $100 from the terrorists for his trouble.

Malkin reports that sanctuary laws have been in place in San Francisco since Dianne Feinstein was mayor in the 1980s. Anne Browne, of the SFPD’s hate crimes unit has told the press that, “We do not make inquires on people’s immigration status.”

The Washington Times reported that last September, Adnan El Shukrijumah, a top al Qaeda aid with a $5 million bounty on his head, was spotted in Honduras meeting with key figures of the massive Central American crime syndicate, MS-13, which “controls alien-smuggling routes through Mexico and into the U.S.” Ominously the article also states, “El Shukrijumah was in Canada last year looking for nuclear material…”

Time Magazine has recently reported that US intelligence officials are admitting that, based on intercepted communiqués; Zarqawi has been directed by bin Laden to begin plans for hitting “soft targets” in the United States. Intelligence officials tell the magazine that the interrogation of a top aid to the al-Zarqawi organization, taken into US custody last year, indicates that al-Zarqawi has given ample consideration to assaults on the American homeland. A restricted bulletin that circulated among US security agencies last week noted that al-Zarqawi apparently believes that “if an individual has enough money, he can bribe his way into the US,” specifically by obtaining a “visa to Honduras” and then traveling across Mexico and the southern US border.”

George Bush needs to rethink his open border policy. Despite this latest Robb-Silberman WMD report, the average guy whoever dealt with a playground bully knows that Hussein was working with terrorists and WMD programs. Only limousine liberals believe the genocidal murderer was a “non threat” to the U.S. Even the New York Times has finally admitted that there were many WMD weapons plants in Iraq. Yet we don’t now know where the ordinance went. Many suspect they were shipped to Syria and or Iran. While recent events in the Middle East commend the President’s efforts internationally, all out war in the Middle East will be much more likely if we suffer a WMD attack here in the U.S.

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