The Odoacer Corollary

For those of us in California who fear we may be losing the culture that was handed down to us from the Enlightenment of Hobbes, Locke, and Smith and of course, our founders, men such as Jefferson and Madison, the rise of Cruz Bustamante may bear some alarming parallels to the career of the fifth [...]

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Mexifornia: a State of Becoming

It’s pretty clear that, Victor Davis Hanson, is on a roll. Just as communist sympathizers and apologists of the 60s and 70s, together with their press patrons, were successful in making it worse to call someone a communist than it was to be one (never mind the murder of millions), it seems that it has [...]

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In Memoriam to Dad

Ah, Dad, I choose to believe that you’re not off some place hittin’ it long and straight but that you are present now and can hear my voice. And I trust that your many beloved friends and family here today will indulge me if I choose to speak to you directly. I will always remember [...]

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Straight Answers on War: Resolving to Use Force

Ms. Ryan – In response to your distinctly disingenuous plea (editorial page, Sept. 29th) for straight answers to the questions posed by President Bush’s embrace of preemption, unilateralism, and reckless militarism (for brevity –PURM), let me try to oblige by asking you to consider the following scenario. Imagine the Bush White House takes your counsel [...]

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Neither Fish nor Foner

The Confessions of Neo Don Quiote and a Decidedly Over-the-Hill Holden Caulfield Reading my hometown newspaper, I was elated to learn that our lone high school here in Piedmont ranks near the top in the nation in its percentage of students accepted to Yale, Harvard, and Princeton. Contemplating our class of ’02 sons and daughters [...]

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Remembering 1942 and Piedmont Hero Jean Witter

“War is not merely a material struggle, but more often a referendum on the spirit.” The brilliant military historian, Victor Davis Hanson, goes on, “ No nation has ever survived once its citizenry ceased to believe its culture was worth saving.” On this year’s July Fourth we are not only celebrating our country’s independence, but [...]

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“Can I Trade You My Right-Wing Husband?”

The Confessions of Neo Don Quixote and a Decidedly Over-the-Hill Holden Caulfield Yup, there are times, more frequent recently, when my wife would prefer to trade me in for a good deal more circumspect cocktail-party companion. And I confess, I’ve developed a condition that can only be construed as eminently self-destructive. Moreover, I confess, it’s [...]

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