Another New Deal is a Bad Deal

Despite a projected $1 trillion deficit next year, President-elect Barack Obama has requested that Congress send him a $1 trillion stimulus bill by Jan. 20, so that he can immediately launch the New Deal II, putting people to work building infrastructure, roads, bridges, schools, transportation systems, green technologies, etc. In this, he seems to betray [...]

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With No Apologies, Let’s Move Out

Indeed, where’s the outrage? With David Kay’s resignation, press interviews and Senate testimony, and the report issued earlier this month from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, disapproving of the decision to invade Iraq, we ve seen a renewed Democrat outrage and a seeming injection of credibility into their candidates issue-starved campaigns. (By the way [...]

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Straight Answers on War: Resolving to Use Force

Ms. Ryan – In response to your distinctly disingenuous plea (editorial page, Sept. 29th) for straight answers to the questions posed by President Bush’s embrace of preemption, unilateralism, and reckless militarism (for brevity –PURM), let me try to oblige by asking you to consider the following scenario. Imagine the Bush White House takes your counsel [...]

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