The Vatican and Palestine

Despite American objections, 138 countries including many of our supposedly closest European allies, voted in the UN to recognize the Palestinian territories as a “non-member observer state,” the same status accorded the Vatican. The office of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu responded by saying: "Israel is prepared to live in peace with a Palestinian state, but [...]

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Ruthless Powers Will Always Rush to Fill a Power Vacuum

As this President and his party preside over the decline of our economy, the country’s ability to influence events which impact its vital interests and national security continues to wane. The utter pointlessness of the nuclear weapons talks between the five permanent powers of the UN Security Council and Iran and the relentless slaughter in [...]

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Comrade Hollande – French Muslims Now are in Control

With the election of Comrade Hollande, French Muslims are now in control of nuclear-armed France. This is being sent around: This photo was taken at La Bastille Plaza in Paris, during the election celebration for the comrade socialist president Hollande. See any French flags? Anywhere? Actually, there is ONE towards the bottom right. The other [...]

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Europe’s Untold Radical Islam Threat

Original article in Townhall Magazine (pdf) It has been less than 100 years since Ottoman rule was removed from the European landmass, but, due to the actions of both the Clinton and Bush administrations, NATO and the EU, Islamic militants—the neo-Ottomans—are in control of two new European governments. With catastrophic consequences to follow, Western democracies [...]

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