The Gaza War, a Humanity Game Changer

One startling outcome of the recent outbreak in hostilities between the Hamas-run government in Gaza and Israel is that it renders void an ancient paradigm. In a recent Op Ed, Michael Oren, Israel’s Ambassador to the US reflected that, in war, it has been long held: a potent offense will eventually overwhelm even the most [...]

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The Vatican and Palestine

Despite American objections, 138 countries including many of our supposedly closest European allies, voted in the UN to recognize the Palestinian territories as a “non-member observer state,” the same status accorded the Vatican. The office of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu responded by saying: "Israel is prepared to live in peace with a Palestinian state, but [...]

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Going Gaza

Despite the announcement of a cease fire, an indisputable outcome of our recent presidential election is that a slim majority of Americans have effectively told Israel, “You’re on your own.” The Obama voters issued knowingly or unknowingly a repudiation of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu who made the unusual decision to refrain from neutrality and endorse [...]

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Why the Left Can’t Lay a Glove on Netanyahu

While the transnational left-wing media would love to do so, discrediting Israel’s conservative Prime Minister, Bibi Netanyahu, is more than problematic. They can’t even lay a glove on the guy. Consider the July 2012 article in Vanity Fair. The magazine promoted the article on its cover by blurbing – Who Does Netanyahu Fear Most? Yet [...]

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