Obama Jeopardizes Our National Security

As you watch the United States Congress and the Obama administration lurch toward the financial collapse of the American economy, and as the international credit rating agencies are poised to downgrade the US. AAA credit rating, don’t expect Obama to do what is best for the country. Expect him to do the opposite. Regardless of [...]

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The California Crack-Up

Original article in Townhall Magazine (pdf) The crisis facing the Golden State serves as a powerful cautionary tale for the rest of America. If the United States follows the missteps of California, it will find the same fate. While Karl Marx believed that socialism—and ultimately communism—would replace capitalism as the morally superior societal system, it [...]

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Another New Deal is a Bad Deal

Despite a projected $1 trillion deficit next year, President-elect Barack Obama has requested that Congress send him a $1 trillion stimulus bill by Jan. 20, so that he can immediately launch the New Deal II, putting people to work building infrastructure, roads, bridges, schools, transportation systems, green technologies, etc. In this, he seems to betray [...]

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California Faces Dire Consequences in Election Aftermath

For the entire week, the front page of my hometown newspaper, the San Francisco Chronicle, has been devoted to two major stories: Gov. Arnold Schwarzennegger’s special election initiatives and the opening of the European front in the war between the West and militant Islam. The Chronicle reporters haven’t yet referred to the growing insurrection in [...]

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Broder is Cooked

David Broder’s article is stunningly specious Although he’s considered the dean of Washington-based liberal progressive columnists, nearly every point in David Broder’s recent, Congress Cooks the Books at the Nation’s Peril, was stunningly specious. He begins his piece by citing polling data that validates his tactic of leveling charges against conservative politicians such as Bush [...]

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